him&thyme about

If you’ve made it this far, you understand that my story isn’t exactly traditional. I don’t really fit into your ideal box, and that’s okay. I want to show others that life doesn’t end once your sentence commences. It merely begins. Desiring a space to be transparent with my life and everything that I have gone through, I created this blog.

As a former private investigator and abuse victim, I lived most of my life in the shadows. I pretended to be who I thought others wanted to me to be, so much, that I couldn’t remember who I really was. Until I lost everything and went to prison, I had no idea what freedom was. I want others to experience the true freedom, joy, love and grace I feel now each and every day… I am redeemed. Where I see flaws, the Lord sees me in His image. I continue to praise Him, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Some days are not easy, but I continue to praise Him even in the hard times.

About HIM&thyme – the name

Originally, I considered the name ‘prison2preaching’, but realized that limited my scope of conversation, so I changed it to HIM&thyme.

HIM symbolizes the Father above and giving honor, glory, and praise to HIM for all that He’s done and all that He continues to do.

Thyme is a double entendre. The word “thyme” sounds the same as “time”, which symbolizes the time astray from God and also the time I spent growing closer to HIM than I ever have before. Thyme also symbolizes my delight for nutrition and eating for well-being.